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Enemy Combatants

  • Enemy_Combatants_A819045 (2007)
    This project examines several aspects of American society. Examination of the similarity between imprisoned men and animals as well as the nature of mass consumerism form the basis for this new work. Stereotypes, or the contemporary term “racial profiling, whether based in truth or myth among races (for instance African Americans, humans of Middle Eastern descent) and breeds of dogs (in this case pit bulls) form an interesting comparison.

Hello Kitty Gets A Mouth

  • Hello Kitty Gets A Mouth Catalogue   $15.00 each
    The famous (and mouthless) icon is reconfigured and given a mouth in this series of drawings, performances and a short film of the same name.

John Wayne Series

  • Huh..WHAT? (2005)
    In this new series of drawings, the myth that is John Wayne is studied and reconfigured. Upon being told that this major white male icon possessed a rather small "genital member," his image played a significant role in re-analyzing the roles in which males move through the world (both Dick Cheney and Newt Gingrich patterned themselves after John Wayne). Combining photo stills along with found images, these drawings bring the viewer in, to ask, perceive and question norms in our society based on gender, class and racial lines.

Phallicies Series

  • Mr_perfect
    The "Phallicies Series" is a multi-media series that includes, drawings, sculptures and a film. The series tries to explodes myths dealing with ethnicity and sexuality. In these drawings the ethnicity of the subject is filtered by use of an ink wash over the graphite drawing. One can only guess, based on one's own stereotypes, what the ethnicity of the subject is.
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